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Smart Rapper is more than just a website; it’s a way of life. Rob and his team have put in thousands of hours creating the best and rarest resources to be available at your fingertips. These courses are designed to improve your music, online presence, and career. Each one is specially curated by Rob Level, to be easy, entertaining, and informative. We guarantee nothing online compares to the level of detail and care put into Smart Rapper products and courses.

Rob has always said that Smart Rapper is about building the resources he wishes he had. It’s true: the next generation of independent music artists need direction. There’s an entire group of entrepreneurs and young hustlers that have the spirit and drive to make it on their own, but need the tools to get there. Rob understands, because he’s the same exact way. The courses and ideas he’s put out there for his followers have already changed countless lives around the world.

Smart Rapper represents a chance for you to change your circumstances. Not everyone has connections or a big label behind them. Labels will lie to you and tell you that you need their guidance, but in reality, they represent a lot of what is wrong with the music industry today. Real, independent artists are the lifeblood of the music business, not manufactured or packaged acts.

In this modern age, power is information, and let’s be real: people in power don’t typically like sharing it. This means important information you need to succeed is kept a secret, only available to insiders. Rob always hated this and has worked tirelessly for years to open up methods and ideas to everyone. His efforts have become the Smart Rapper empire. Smart Rapper is about sharing ideas, methods, and information so that everyone grows together.





Our Courses

The courses below cover a huge range of topics and strategies necessary to building your musical career today. Each course has a comprehensive and detailed tutorials of the topics included as well as real world suggestions on using your new skills to further your career. Smart Rapper courses are packed with ideas, cutting edge techniques, and easy to follow guides you can use to put your recording career into motion.

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Music Trademarking + Copyrighting to protect you and your music


How To make a website + Build Your Rap Career Into A Business


How To Start A Record Label, Sign Artists, Make Money + Build Your Empire


How to build your email list To Make Extra Money Every Month From Your Fans


Premium Courses

Secrets To Get Your Music Posted By Music Blogs Bundle


How To Book Shows, open For Major Artists + Grow Your Fan Base


How To design your instagram to gain followers 10x faster


How To Build a network + become successful 10x faster


How To find your rap voice! make it cooler, deeper + raspier


How I got famous on youtube in just a few months


How I Got famous on instagram In Just A Few Months


over 100 Genius Marketing ideas to gain new fans


how to start a business making lyric videos for artists


how to write rap lyrics like a genius: by a Known lyricist


How To Find Your Rap Flow! learn how to flow like a pro


insider secrets to writing catchy choruses (3 Hours In the studio
with rob level)


how to make $50,000 A Year Shooting Music Videos with your phone


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Community Membership

The Smart Rapper Community is a unique online resource hub used by rappers and recording artists all over the world. Smart Rapper is more than a community; it’s a place to learn and trade strategy, connect with future collab partners and producers, and build your career as an independent artist from the ground up.

Along with exclusive Smart Rapper courses, eBooks, and videos that come with your level, you can establish your own Smart Rapper Rapper Profile, discuss topics and ideas in the forums, and send friend requests or DM’s to expand your network. Earn and spend Smart Rapper Royalties on new courses, merchandise, apparel and more just from being in the community every month.

“I’ve been writing songs for years, and I thought I had a process to keep me motivated to write a lot, but Smart Rapper showed me so many more things. Rob gives you the tools you need, he gives you everything you really want. I thought I wrote a lot before – no way. He gave me the skills to really write songs everyday.” – B.Y., Smart Rapper Gold Level Member

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