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Platinum Level Courses

how to find your rap voice! Make it cooler deeper + Raspier

$27 Value

Trying to find your rap voice? It’s not easy for everyone! Getting comfortable with your rap voice and crafting your sound is a huge part of finding success as a rapper. Take this course to get that voice right. After taking it, you’ll feel comfortable, confident, and ready to take on any song.

How To start A Record Label, Sign Artists, Make Money + Build Your Empire

$47 Value

Ever dreamed about starting your own music label, finding and developing artists, expanding your influence, and establishing multiple income streams? All it takes is an entrepreneurial spirit, passion and hustle! With this course, Rob takes you through everything you need to get your label started. Step by step tutorials are packed with strategy and additional ideas to help launch you as the next independent music mogul.

secrets to get your music posted by music blogs bundle

$47 Value

As an emerging artist, it’s VERY important to have your name out there and your music talked about – you need stories, blogs, and articles written about you and your projects published online. Take this course to find out how to get stories written and published about you and your music. You never know who will become a fan!

how to build your email list to make extra money every month from your fans

$27 Value

One thing that’s SUPER important when you’re trying to grow is having an email list; a list of emails belonging to people who have expressed interest in your music or you in general. Once you have an email list, there’s a lot you can do with it – update your fans on projects, sell your music or apparel, and promote new releases and videos. It helps you grow and create influence at a much higher rate. In this course, Rob teaches you how to create your email list – and ways to keep adding and finding people for it!

how I got famous on youtube in just a few months

$197 Value

Want to be a famous YouTuber, gain fans through your videos, and build thousands of subscribers? This is the course for you. Rob takes you through everything he did to become a YouTube star, and how you can achieve the same results. See what you can achieve when you put your mind, and skills, into the YouTube market!

music trademarking + copyrighting to protect you and Your music

$27 Value

Worried about releasing a great song, only to have it stolen by a different artist? Rob totally understands and made this course to help Smart Rappers everywhere defend their original music. This course will take you through copyrighting and every step you need to take in order to protect your music with copyrights. Learn your rights when it comes to your music and intellectual property and actively protect yourself and your songs with this easy to follow tutorial series

how I got famous on instagram in just a few months

$197 Value

This comprehensive guide reveals a never-before-explained technique that celebrities and social media gurus use to grow their pages exponentially. Rob takes you through absolutely everything you need and how to do it successfully. Unlock the potential of your social media following with this course!

The Complete List of Music Industry Contacts And Contracts Bundle

$47 Value

Unlock a full directory of music industry A&R contacts to help you get your work into the hands of the right people – contact info for the departments across labels and agencies that help find new talent. PLUS a catalog of Music Contracts to help protect you as you navigate your career in the music business.

how to make a website + build your rap career into a business

$97 Value

Want a website to help legitimize your music, following, and career? Do you see yourself as more than just an artist or individual, but as a growing business? You’re in the right place. This course takes you through creating a personal website for your career AND the steps you need to take to launch yourself, through your rap career, as a business.

over 100 Genius marketing ideas to gain new fans

$47 Value

Step inside the mind of Rob Level, who spent the last decade honing zero dollars marketing ideas he used to get millions of views on his songs and music videos. These 100 ideas will seriously open your mind to the possibilities of what you can do with and without spending anything.

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