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Welcome to the SMART RAPPER Platinum Level

Access the tools you need to take your industry game to the next level with this all-inclusive Platinum Level membership.

Gain access to Rob Level’s exclusive online Smart Rapper Community content, as well as 11 complete Smart Rapper Courses for $27.00 per month, including:

  • How To Find Your Rap Voice! Make It Cooler, Deeper + Raspier
  • How To Market Music Like A Genius + Build Your Rap Career
  • How I Got Famous On YouTube In Just A Few Months
  • How I Got Famous On Instagram In Just A Few Months
  • Secrets To Get Your Music Posted By Music Blogs
  • Everything You Need To Know About Music Public Relations: PR Firms Interviewed
  • 100+ Genius Marketing Ideas To Gain New Fans
  • How To Book Shows In Your Home Town + Grow Your Fan Base
  • How To Build Your Email List As A Music Artist
  • How To Create A Website For Your Record Label
  • How To Start A Record Label, Sign Artists, Make Money + Build Your Empire

Rob will be sharing his marketing processes, behind the scenes videos, making-of tutorials and more for every new single he releases exclusively for Smart Rapper Community Members onlyin addition to the courses mentioned.

The features mentioned above are only accessible through the Platinum Level membership.

Additionally, the first sign-ups to the Platinum Level membership will earn an exclusive OG Badge on their Smart Rapper profile and have special abilities and status within the Smart Rapper Community. This will be a permanent feature and is limited to a select number of Smart Rappers.


  1. I’ll be honest with you. I’ve been part of the community for a while now & your videos help out so much! I really appreciate them man but I’m broke for these extra courses. I’m a producer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, etc. Music is my thing! I started a go fund me page to try & raise money for equipment so I can take the next step forward into building a record label. I hope everyone has a great rest of their day!

  2. I need help promoting and marketing a feature I purchased with a currently charting artist. If I could get details for your marketing agency as well that would be much appreciated. Thankyou

    1. I actually JUST made a video on the Smart Rapper channel on how to go about that bro. Use Facebook and Instagram targeted ads to promote your song and feature to the fans of that artist you got the feature with! Then go to all the videos of him and make posts about it and you’ll draw people to the song.

      Also, be sure to add a picture to your profile on here.